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At the end of fiscal year 2016, the Department’s Environmental and Natural Resources Division imposed criminal penalties of more than $363 million in fines and more than 32 years of imprisonment from cases related to intentional discharges of pollutants from vessels.

SMM Oil Record Book (ORB) Trainer Software minimizes the margin for error in data entries to the Official Oil record Book to the best possible extent.

Considering the difficulties involved for the shipping companies to ensure the means, resources, time and/or know-how to keep the standards of completion of Oil Record Books under close scrutiny, we are pleased to provide a practical and user friendly software that can assist in the harmonization of ORB completion standards.

Real Time warnings inform and prohibit the user for/from any incorrect entry based on Real Time processes/algorithms with given incinerator/pump/tank/O.W.S. capacities and ship specific tanks connections, enabling different parameters to be calculated ie. the level of bunkers, overflow warnings, tanks filling history etc. (including entry code, narrative, quantities, etc.).

It is an indispensable Software Tool for ORB correct implementation for your entire fleet. The software can be installed onboard and ashore, as a complete training solution.

New Features:

  • Automatic Synchronization of Data between vessels’ and office’s database.
  • Insertion-Indication of E.T.A. and warning for collection of oil residues, same as weekly inventory upon vessel’s arrival at port.
  • Different auto-flow rates either at port or at sea.
  • Possibility for Backdated Entries.
  • Strikethrough Function.
  • Insertion of “sealing/unsealing overboard valves” as “I entry”.
o        Necessary fields for Missed Entries were added.
o        Now the module does not allow insertion of entries in the case they are not correctly filled in, i.e. should not allow to make a successful entry if entry is illegal or if it is impossible (e.g. not to allow transfer between tanks without connection or if entry is such that exceeds incinerator capacity and/or bilge pump throughput).
o        Limitations set on entries depending on incinerator burning capability and bilge pump throughput.
o        For weekly entries, the software provides the possibility not to allow proceeding with other entries if Cheng forgets to make his weekly entry. (i.e. Software shall not accept the next entry without making first the weekly entry, if the company wishes so).
o        Sludge Production Check based on Daily Fuel Oil Consumption.
o        Indication for “Update Actual Quantities on a daily basis” before proceeding to any entry can be provided in the software interface if Company Policy allows such.
o        Automatic Estimation of Auto Flow Rates.
o        Restrictions in Disposal Method of Oil Residues.
o        Search Option for Desired Operation.

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