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Some of the latest SMM eNews

Some of the latest SMM eNews:

Dry Bulk: Average Speed

VLOC: Slow steaming for laden fleet continues, but the average speed reached 11.5 knots in October. Unladen fleet moves much faster, at a speed higher than 13.5 knots last month.

Capesize: The average speed has been relatively flat and low for laden ships of this size band, moving close to 11 knots since the beginning of the year, despite low bunker prices.

Panamax: Seasonality’s path has been followed so far, with last month’s average speed for laden vessels close to 11.3 knots.

Supramax: After marginally declining in February, the average speed for laden vessels was increasing till May, but started decreasing since early June, following seasonality’s trend, but staying rather flat last month.

Handysize: The average speed for laden vessels was higher than 11.5 knots between March and October.

Infographic: Shipping Alliances

As of 18 July 2016, the world’s shipping alliances include the 2M alliance (Maersk and MSC), the Ocean Three alliance (CMA CGM, UASC, COSCO Shipping), the G6 alliance (NYK Line, OOCL, APL, MOL, Hapag-Lloyd and HMM) and the CKYHE alliance (K Line, COSCO, HANJIN (now bankrupt), Evergreen, Yang Ming).

How Does Shipping's Accumulator Look Now?

Eight years ago, the onset of the financial crisis following the demise of Lehman Brothers heralded a generally highly challenging time for many of the shipping markets, which today remain under severe pressure.

Ports Support North Sea, Baltic Sea Designation as NECA

The port authorities of Antwerp, Hamburg, Rotterdam, Le Havre and Bremen/Bremerhaven have voiced their support of the North sea and the Baltic countries’ submissions to designate the North Sea and the Baltic Sea as Nitrogen Emission Control Areas (NECA) by 2021.

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