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Improving your ships and operations is the key driving force of our business.

It is a goal stemming from a special dedication to our work and a deep understanding of our customers' needs.

We have achieved five important competitive advantages, leading to a more efficient and profitable ship operation.

We provide the widest range of services, including initiatives exclusively found at SMM (UK) Ltd..
We make sure that our products stay up to date and of superior quality.
We develop innovative products based on the latest marine and information technology.
We have a superior infrastructure to better serve our customers.
We develop and maintain a relationship with our customer based on trust and loyalty.
Our Purpose

Improvement with excellence of your ships and operations based on Multiyear Experience and Commitment.

Our Vision

To materialize “Fair Winds and Following Seas” for the global shipping industry via friendly, innovative and reliable software-products and services.

Code Of Ethics

The Company’s foundation are lying on alloys of integrity and excellence harmonized with the spirit and letter of all laws and regulations, as well as a devotion to the highest standards of professional and personal conduct.

Initiative and Innovation

 Our objective is to develop initiatives that focus on facilitating everyday ship management. This means flexible, easy-to-use software that will help our customers in their day-to-day work.

Our innovative Multiload© Ship Loading Software program is a very successful example of such software. It is the only loading program in the world covering seven ship types simultaneously. Following abovementioned software, our Ship Performance, Crew Rest Hours, Oil Record Book Trainer, SQUAT/Tide Calculation, Deflection and DWT Gain/Loss, Clean Hull Savings Calculator, Multiload Advanced Cargo Securing Software (MACS) , Bunkers Survey Software, Steel Coils Loading (Maximum Allowable and Actual Loading), are all designed to assist day-to-day ship management and operation. Furthermore, we provide coverage of your vessels and effective response in times of crisis via our Emergency Response Service (on a 24 hour basis). Also, our Multitask© Ship Management Software is designed to assist in easier day-to-day ship management. Importantly, this program can be tailored to individual company needs.

Last but not least, SMM (UK) Ltd. provides Services and Studies related to International Regulation Requirements and DESIGN WORK along with PLAN APPROVAL. In particular, STABILITY & STRENGTH MANUALS, Conversions, Ship Management Consultancy, Manuals - Studies & Plans as per SOLAS / MARPOL / IACS / Port State Control Requirements and ISM-related studies/manuals and other Naval Architectural and Marine Engineering projects.

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