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Ship Reporter Software

SHIP REPORTER SOFTWARE The purpose of Ship Reporter is to reduce the number of reporting systems currently in use in order to ease the workload on the crews, and to have more accurate and value-adding data. Gains are summarized as follows: • Ease of use.  • Tailored to Company’s Reporting Policy.  • Good Data Quality of reports. • Minimization of human errors to vessel’s reporting due to ship-specific limits and standardization of typing/wording. • Easy transmission of reported data for further processing as well as for assessment of Voyage Performance and compliance to new regulations (ie. MRV). • Simple generation of automatic email with all the required data for easy reporting to all the concerned parties. • Smooth and care free integration of the stored data to third party software products.  • Consistent records of reported data that can be retrieved for any period. • Allowance of monitoring historic reported data with statistical analysis and KPIs integrations (ie. EEOI, Fuel Benchmarking). • Uniformity of reporting method. Website: https://smmnet.com/noonforms.html eShop: https://smmnet.com/smartshop/smart-products/15-noon-reporter-software.html

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Having as sturdy philosophy to improve our Software Products & Services, we would politely request to provide your valuable feedback as to your overall experience with SMM Software Products & Services by clicking the link below: https://smmnet.com/evaluation.html Thank you for your valuable time and Have a nice Day!

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Our grandfather, Captain Spiros Lygnos, as Master of S/S Orion rescued and took great care of four Dutch Mariners 200 miles offshore of Finistère, France (Western Brittany) in North Atlantic in 1942. They had been on a lifeboat for 74 hours before their rescue.

Following this tradition through SMM Emergency Response Service since 1992 and blended with our love for ships and respect for those working at sea, we have prevented on multiple occasions loss of life and property at sea.

Our 24hr SMM Emergency Response Service covers your company and vessels, in times of crisis, when ship’s crew and management quickly need precise technical information and minimizes the consequences of casualty at sea by an essential thorough assessment of vessel’s Damage Stability & Residual Strength.

Πέμπτη, 22 Μαρτίου 2018

Cargo Split and Auto Trim software

Features and Immediate benefits of Cargo Split and Auto Trim software are the following:

• Calculation of optimum cargo distribution for achieving the most efficient Trim.
• This Module is particularly useful during the last stages of actual Cargo Loading operation in the port.
• Given a quantity of cargo that is yet to be loaded, with this stand-alone program can calculate how you should split the given quantity between two compartments in order to attain a given Trim.
• Upgrade of your already approved Loading Program.
• No need for Class Approval.

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Why Speed Through Water is so significant in Ships' Performance Assessment?

Speed through water measurements should in theory not be affected by current. Speed log constitutes the only instrument onboard, which can provide such measurements even not so precisely.

Even a modern dual axis Doppler log cannot always be relied upon. Most errors are expected to be caused by irregular currents, shallow waters, ship motions etc..

The abovementioned factors can be identified automatically by a performance monitoring system, as SMM Ship Performance Service that correlates the inflow speed of the propeller with STW.

Δευτέρα, 12 Μαρτίου 2018

Clean Hull Savings Calculator Software

The economic importance of underwater hull condition cannot be understated. SMM (UK) Ltd. has developed a new Hull Roughness Penalty/Annual Gain Calculator. This is a ship-specific software that includes a solver for the estimation of the loss of speed, increase of power and eventually F.O. consumption reduction interpreting Divers' Report.

The programme compares vessel fuel usage and derives the relative gain ($/year) for hull cleaning or new coating application. By comparing the hull roughness as built, the existing one prior to cleaning to the predicted roughness upon such operation, it is possible to predict the potential fuel cost difference and potential nett benefit.

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Steel Slabs & Billets

Are your vessels loaded with Steel Slabs & Billets?
Please send us email to
sales@smmnet.co.uk and benefit from